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In-Person Training


1 Hour  Coaching Call

This is a coaching call with the option to FaceTime or traditionally audio call, whichever you prefer- to cover anything business, lashes, clientele, social media, marketing, self care, scheduling, anything you’re wanting! It is 100% tailored to you and your specific needs.


Private Mentoring Day

  • A 5hr, hands on, 1:1 mentoring day that is 100% tailored to you!

  • This is fitted to mega volume technique.

  • A custom kit & certificate of completion is included, as well as coffee and lunch!

  • I’ve curated this course with the fact that everyone learns differently, is at a different experience level and has a different cocktail of education in mind.
    This is your day that we will cover any and everything you’re wanting to learn!

  • *Not an introductory training. Mega Volume experience is required*


Fan Technique and Fundamentals

This mini workshop is strictly learning how to create perfect Mega Volume fans using the flower bouquet technique! It’s a private 1:1 hands-on training where I’ll teach you all of the micro-movements & fundamentals to master your flower bouquet as well as tips & tricks I’ve learned to have complete fan control.
The flower bouquet technique allows faster set times, less product waste & dream retention!

*Mini Kit Included
*Experience Required

Get added to my in-person training cancellation list for last minute class openings!

Online Training

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Lash Shedding
Mini Lesson

Lash shedding in depth!


-Understand your clients’ lash line

-Be able to identify a healthy lash line

-The real explanation for seasonal sheds

-The difference between lash types

-How to identify lashable lashes

-Factors that effect shedding

-How to educate your clients

and more!

Secrets To Retention.png

Secrets to Retention

This course will stretch your mind to places you may not have even thought about. It will make you question why you’ve been doing what you are doing.


My hope with creating this course is to give artists a better understanding of retention because it truly is the foundation of our business success. I hope to challenge you and help give you a stronger understanding of why you are or aren’t getting the retention you see on Instagram.


It is all broken down into extremely digestible sections for you to be able to apply immediately… no really, like starting tomorrow! It’s all extremely tangible with checklists to utilize for your current clients struggling with retention and wow them by their next fill with the complete turn around of their retention.

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