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Online Courses

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Lash Shedding
Mini Lesson

  • Lash shedding in-depth!

  • Learn the myths and science behind seasonal sheds!

  • Learn the hair cycle!

  • Learn how to tell what phase a natural lash is in!

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Secrets to Retention

This self-paced online course is for you if:

  • You're struggling to maintain your clients' retention

  • You want to understand how to pinpoint your clients' retention issues individually

  • You get great retention but don't know why

  • You don't feel confident educating your clients about aftercare

  • You want to feel confident in every clients' retention that leaves your studio


The Flower Bouquet Technique

Learn all of the incredibly intricate micro-movements to the Flower Bouquet Technique!

This technique will:

  • Cut your working speed in half

  • Give you fuller sets

  • Help you waste less product

  • Increase retention


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