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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will lash extensions damage my natural lashes?

A: Absolutely not! With extensive education, thousands of practicing hours, attention to detail, high quality products, and maintained aftercare your lashes are in great hands!

Q: Will lash extensions make my real lashes fall out?

A: Nope. Unless the wearer is picking at them which should not be happening! Although, every one has a natural shed cycle every 3-4 months in which your natural lashes will shed however that’s actually a good thing! As long as each extension is attached to only one natural lash when it sheds, that’s our goal!

Q: How often do I have to get fills?

A: Every 2-3 weeks depending on aftercare!

Q: What does aftercare look like for lash extensions?

A: Lash extensions are meant to make our lives easier, not harder! You don’t have to be gentle with them, but rather just aware and cautious of them. You’ll need to clean them with a lash bath every day that you can pick up at my studio, avoid oils and oil based products, avoid high heat, book your fills every 2-3 weeks, and try your best to sleep on your back!

Q: Can lash extensions cause eye infections?

A: No. What causes an infection is a bacteria being introduced to your eye, I.e poor aftercare, touching your eyes often, etc. If you’re keeping up with daily cleanings, your chances of an eye infection are extremely minimized.

Q: Can I get my lashes wet?

A: YES! Please do! You can’t wash them properly without getting them wet!

Q: Do I have to wait 24-48 hours after my appointment to get my lashes wet?

A: Nope! I use a specific product that seals and cures your lashes before you even get off the table, so you’re able to get them wet right away without any worry about retention issues!

Q: How far in advance should I book my fills?

A: I recommend having a minimum of 3 appointments booked at any given time to make sure you get the appointment date and times you need.

Q: Can I get mega volume if my lashes are thin, or will it be too heavy?

A: Actually Mega Volume is the lightest option! I use a fiber that is a fraction of the size of your natural lash to be able to create the density of your dreams while still maintaining the integrity of your natural lash! If you have sparse or damaged lashes Mega Volume is actually what I recommend! 

Q: Will lash extensions be heavy on my eyes?

A: No! You won’t be able to feel them at all!

Q: If I don't want lash extensions anymore can I let them fall out or remove them at home?

A: If you no longer want your lash extensions, it’s important to always get them removed professionally. The method I use to apply extensions is intended to last for the life of the lash until it naturally sheds. That way, you have amazing retention! However, the reason we get fills every 2 to 3 weeks is because our lashes grow. And, as they grow, the weight of the extension rests more and more on the tip of your natural lash rather than at the base, and this can cause the natural lash to break off or be pulled out. Extensions don’t generally just fall off on their own without damaging your natural lashes. A removal appointment takes about 15mins, are painless and are able to be booked online!
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