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This innovative Balancing Lash Toner & Primer is created specifically for clients who have oily skin and lashes or a very smooth, closed hair cuticle. Removes oil and helps open the hair cuticle. The perfect alternative to our hydrating Pre-Treatment Primer. Lashes that were previously difficult to apply extensions to; now "grab" faster with better attachment. Balances the pH level of natural lashes to achieve better retention and improved bond with the glue. Ideal for squeaky clean lashes and faster application after use.


How to Use: Wash natural lashes with LBLA's Bubble Lash Shampoo and dry completely before applying. Pump a small amount of Balancing Lash Toner & Primer onto a micro- swab and apply to the base of the natural lashes where the extensions will be attached. Let dry completely before starting the application process. This is not an equal replacement for Pre-Treatment Primer, but rather a great priming alternative for oily lashes.

Balancing Lash Toner & Primer

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