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We're bringing you in on the newest, most exciting launch of the season, first!  Our newest love, 0.02 Feather Lashes! Created with heavenly-softness, a feather-light touch, just the right amount of science, and a sprinkle of magic - these lashes will have you head-over-heels for the lightest, or darkest, looks on the market.  Infinitely versatile and so easy to work with, you know exactly why they'll be scooped up in a wink!  


Natural lashes never had it so good - their ultra-matte finish takes you from whisper-light looks in 8-10D to the deepness of 25D mega volume, and back again with the softest 'spikes' you've ever placed.  0.02 Feather Lashes sit on a specially designed thin tape strip that allows for easy-release and fast fan building. 

FAVORITE - Cashmere Feather Volume FauxMink Lashes 0.02mm

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